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Ineapple is a complete technology solution organization that specializes in data center, branch connectivity, cloud services, security, collaboration, and overall technology strategy.

Advanced Troubleshooting

Are you familiar with the term "Network hiccup"? This usually means that there are undiagnosed and ongoing issues that exist on your network. We will help you identify and resolve any network related problems.

Equipment Refresh

Technology has been growing at an exponential rate over the past 30 years. The downside of such massive growth is that most network devices have a maximum lifespan of 5-7 years. It is a huge undertaking to replace the entire network infrastructure every 5-7 years and most network teams will spend most of their time doing just that. We can be your trusted partner for all your network refresh projects. Ineapple does not partner with any network infrastructure OEMs. It is due to the lack of such partnerships we can provide a truly non-biased solution. After the best solution is determined, we will use our OEM Gold partners to get you the best price possible.

Virtual Private Networks

VPN exists in many varieties. VPN uses tunneling protocols such as PPTP, L2PT, SSL, IPsec, GRE, DMVPN, LISP, Remote VPN, Flex VPN just to name a few and sometimes these protocols are nested inside each other. It is especially challenging to navigate the options of VPN across vendor boundaries. Engineers at Ineapple are subject matter experts in VPN technologies and will assist you with any VPN related project.

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